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Deforestation in Darien (Panama). Source: Mavicruz Darién Zapallal.

By Gundhramn Hammer
February 1, 2018
(Leer en español: cliquear aquí.) 

In the XXI century, taking advantage of the media, the elite that controls the Panamanian farm for the global masters (the Ancient One & Co.) talk a lot about "sustainability". But it is just that, talk. Cheap talk.

In the mean time, the country´s natural treasures (e.g., ancient forests) are conveniently fucked up under the disguise of a "plan de manejo sostenible" (sustainable management plan).

Let us take a look at the result of this "plan de manejo sostenible" in Darien (Panama): Deforestation (Video 1):

Video 1. Panama: Deforestation in Darién (2017). Uploaded by Mavicruz Darién Zapallal.

According to an article published by La Estrella de Panamá (2014), more than 65% of Panama´s forests have already been destroyed.

Panamanians, wake up before you find yourselves in a barren desert!!!

And you furniture consumers in Europe, USA or wherever you are, put some ecological consciousness into your consciousness!!!


La Estrella de Panamá (2014). Más del 65% de los bosques de Panamá han sido devastados. Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá. Miércoles 18 de junio de 2014.

Source: Don Chopo.

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