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Source: Sea of Slaughter.

By Gundhramn Hammer
January 20, 2018

Indirectly and because of the way we treat ocean creatures, this is what Farley Mowat is  telling us through his powerful documentary "Sea of Slaughter" (Video 1). It is a man-made hell in the ocean.


"Based on the book by Farley Mowat of the same name, Sea of Slaughter is a hard hitting indictment, and an extraordinary natural history of the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean and bordering shores. Incredible historical footage is blended with gorgeous images of marines creatures and the environment. Released in 1989, it was the first major documentary film to reveal the extent of the ecological destruction in the Northwest Atlantic. Much of what it says still applies today." [nsauteur1]

Video 1. Farley Mowat: Sea of Slaughter. Uploaded by nsauteur1.

As you have  seen, we don´t have to go to Hell to meet the devils. The devils are us. 

So one of our biggest challenges as a species is: Can we give the world and everybody on it our best?

How many times during the day do you let your inner devils lose? How many times do you let your good angel within you come out?

Learning how to control and manage our own red button is what life is all about.

Our common future depends on this. 

Source: Post originally published on: Gundhramns Hammer.

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